Monday, October 10, 2011

Microsoft Students Champs

Microsoft Students Champs

"Now's your time to shine" this the motto of Microsoft students champs. Absolutely this is the place of shine.
First of all, I would like to write what is it?This program is for undergraduates and it's organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka. 

Many sorts of activities are organized by Microsoft Students champs monthly and annually.
The monthly students meeting is exclusive activity held at Microsoft Sri Lanka office and sometimes it may be various  university premises. We discuss about activities that take place in universities and three presentations can be heard in that meetings,one by an industry professional and the other two by students champs.

These are the other activities organize by students champs

  • Work shops
    University of Sabaragamuwa .NET work shop
  • Seminars
  • Competitions
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations in Universities
  • Share our experiences among champs.
  • Annual trips

A lot of benifits can be gained  from students champs program .This is a place to meet students from other universities and enhance our knowledge.Apart from that this is a good importunity to improve our soft skills such as presentation /communication skills,You know these are very essential for competitive computer industry.

Not only that you can win Microsoft T-shirts, caps, key-tags and more.....

To join with us to visit .
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